February 2014

How dehydration causes weight gain and a long list of illnesses
February 25, 2014

We’ve heard it before:  firstly, that the human body is made up of 75% water and, secondly, that we should drink eight glasses of water a day – but, did you know how dehydration actually impacts your body?  The team at Memolition have posted this comprehensive infographicdetailing why dehydration can cause fatigue, weight gain, skin disorders, […]

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Can standing up regularly make you lose weight?
February 23, 2014

Professor David Dunstan and Dr Genevieve Healy at The University of Queensland have done some preliminary researchlooking at just that. They took 168 people and used an accelerometer to track how much these people were moving and how often they took breaks from sitting / being sedentary. These breaks could have been as little as standing […]

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Back Pain – Biological, Psychological and Social
February 13, 2014

Physio Development produced an infographic about the multifactorial nature of back pain. There is increasing evidence that biological, psychological and social factors can all be important for the development and persistence of pain. Unfortunately, there is still a strong held belief in society today that psychological and social factors are not important. The below snapshot  of […]

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