We’re pleased to announce that Bupa UK are the latest corporate adopters of Little Nudge.

Bupa UK are committed to providing a healthy workplace for employees and identified Little Nudge as an important partner for the health of their office-based staff.

Bupa shared our purpose to inspire healthier habits.

Following a successful extended pilot period of Little Nudge at Bupa UK, the feedback has been significant and very positive. Hence we are delighted to announce the roll-out of Little Nudge throughout Bupa UK, to 2,000 employees who have continued to use Little Nudge following the pilot.

Data was collected from 131 Little Nudge users before and after using the software for 3 months and delivered the following outcomes:

  • 27% reduction in back pain
  • 33% reduction in headaches
  • Doubling the number of people who moved each hour
That’s about 130,000 nudges which equated to a 30% reduction in reported pain!

For more information about the outcomes, see this summary.

Furthermore Little Nudge was reported to have an impact on other areas of health behaviour:

  • Very inactive people increased their overall activity levels
  • Staff said that they now feel less embarrassed to do nudges whilst working
  • Moving more at work improved networking and talking to people in person rather than sending an email
  • Another great result is that nudge exercise breaks are now happening during meetings

All this has helped Bupa employees lead more active, healthier and happier working days.

Little Nudge Big Changes – healthier habits, happier lifestyle.

“I was thrilled to be involved in the initial pilot of Little Nudge. As an ergonomist I know the negative impacts sedentary behaviour can have on our bodies. We are all a little guilty of not moving enough and getting your very own regular reminder is a great way to change behaviour and start to build new healthy habits. Little Nudge is non-intrusive, fun and easy to use. Feedback from our employees in the pilot has been very positive and we are really excited to be able to extend Little Nudge to our other employees.” Roy Cochran-Patel, Ergonomist at Bupa UK

For more information about Little Nudge please contact Little Nudge.