Water. It’s perhaps one of the most vital requirements for life…

But how often do we get distracted by ‘more vital’ things and forget our basic need for hydration? A survey of 1000 people found that less than 4% of people drink the recommended 7 plus glasses of water per day. It’s difficult to remember and other activities seem to get in the way.

Research has shown that just 2% dehydration can effect all cognitive functions e.g. short-term memory and arithmetic efficiency. Recent research by Nathalie Pross in France found that increasing water intake in people who tend to drink low amounts of water resulted in decreases in scores of fatigue, sleepiness and confusion.

All great reasons to remember to drink water, along with other potential benefits for blood pressure, skin and preventing headaches.

So, don’t wait until you’re thirsty, keep some water nearby!

For more information about how to recognise if you are dehydrated – have a look at the Keep it light Campaign.