About Little Nudge

Little Nudge is an application developed by Physiotherapists that inspires you to adopt healthier habits at the computer.

A recent pilot of Little Nudge found that it reduced back pain and headaches and helped people to be more active at work.

Why Little Nudge?

How It Works

Little Nudge reminds you to do healthy activities (‘nudges’) during the course of the day. The nudges are designed based on your goals.

Features include:

Musculoskeletal and mind nudges with links to videos

Personalised nudges and bespoke appearance

Data collection and analysis in organisations

If you would like to know more information about the features of Little Nudge, you can download this summary.

Meet Our Team

Built by Physiotherapists

Little Nudge is designed by health professionals based on clinical evidence. It was developed by Physiotherapists Andre de Oliveira and Emily Tims, alongside a team of people who have experience of ill-health working in offices.

The development of Little Nudge has been guided by feedback from Little Nudge users and health and wellbeing professionals.


Andre De Oliveira



Emily Tims

Managing Director