Close your eyes and gently move your eyes from side to side

Close your eyes

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Move your eyes gently from side to side or in small circles.
  3. Open your eyes.

The College of Optometrists has these top tips:

1. Wear your glasses if you need them

2. Blink regularly

3. THE 20-20-20 RULE: every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds

TIP: look away from the screen when doing nudges.

4. Tilt the top of the monitor approximately 15 degrees away from you, to create the best viewing angle

5. Keep your screen free of marks

6. Position your screen to minimize reflections

7. Use document holders to secure reading or reference material

8. Use a character size that is visible

Nudge Benefits

When focusing on a screen, the amount of moisture in your eyes may reduce, and you will blink less. This may cause dry and uncomfortable eyes.

Resting the eyes can prevent eye strain and dryness.

Prevents headaches
Hydrates eyes

Seek the advice from a health professional

If you have any specific health condition, seek advice before performing the nudges.

Nudges must be comfortable.

Always perform nudges comfortably. Move slowly and gently, within a range which is totally pain free.

Add personalised nudges for specific health conditions.

If you have a specific health condition, you can seek advice from a health professional to add specific nudges for you.