Breathe from your tummy

How to breathe from your tummy

Firstly, take notice of your breath. Where do you feel your breath? Where do you feel the air moving? Which parts of your lungs are most active?

Bring your attention on your tummy. It may also help to put your hand on your tummy.

  1. As you breathe in, allow your tummy to expand.
  2. As you breathe out, allow your tummy to relax back inwards.

The reason for expanding the bottom part of the lungs is because the most efficient area of the lungs is at the bottom. Breathing from the top of the lungs is less efficient and uses muscles that attach to the neck (and may cause those muscles to fatigue and become sore).

Nudge Benefits

Breathing from your tummy can improve concentration and promote relaxation.

Seek the advice from a health professional

If you have any specific health condition, seek advice before performing the nudges.

Nudges must be comfortable.

Always perform nudges comfortably. Move slowly and gently, within a range which is totally pain free.

Add personalised nudges for specific health conditions.

If you have a specific health condition, you can seek advice from a health professional to add specific nudges for you.