and the world will smile with you..

Nudge Benefits

When we feel happy, we often smile. However, there is also good evidence that when you smile, it makes you feel happy. Give it a try, what do you think?

Smiling may also have positive effects on our immune system and research has shown it can positively impact our heart-rate recovery in response to stress.

It makes us look good, feel good and it’s contagious. So go ahead, have a grin!

Boosts mood
Boosts other people's mood
Seek the advice from a health professional

If you have any specific health condition, seek advice before performing the nudges.

Nudges must be comfortable.

Always perform nudges comfortably. Move slowly and gently, within a range which is totally pain free.

Add personalised nudges for specific health conditions.

If you have a specific health condition, you can seek advice from a health professional to add specific nudges for you.