Walk on the spot

Walk on the spot

  1. Stand up
  2. Walk on the spot or take a walk around the room

If you cannot stand up when the nudge appears, try to move your arms or legs and stand up at the next opportunity.

The most simple and most important of all the nudges. Our bodies need movement.

Nudge Benefits

This is the most important reminder, which is why Little Nudge expresses it in so many different ways.

There are so many health problems associated with being sedentary, including increasing risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and some forms of cancer. These risks can be reduced by staying active and moving frequently.

Standing up and moving will also increase concentration and alertness, as well as off-loading the forces placed on joints. It is the simplest way to boost circulation and change the position of the forces placed on the body.

TIP: Think about all the tasks you have to do at work. Could you do any of these in a standing position or whilst walking?

Cardiovascular health
Communication with colleagues
Seek the advice from a health professional

If you have any specific health condition, seek advice before performing the nudges.

Nudges must be comfortable.

Always perform nudges comfortably. Move slowly and gently, within a range which is totally pain free.

Add personalised nudges for specific health conditions.

If you have a specific health condition, you can seek advice from a health professional to add specific nudges for you.