Visualise a relaxing place

How to visualise

1. Choose a relaxing place to visualise
Somewhere with no association with stress – somewhere attractive, clean and relaxing.

2. Relax your body and notice your breath
Scan your body with your mind and consciously relax your body. Breathe a little slower.

3. Imagine yourself in the relaxing place
If it is safe to do so, close your eyes. What do you see?  What do you hear? What do you smell?

4. Take a deep breath
Notice your breath and body again. Take a deep breath. Slowly open your eyes.

You can take as little as 1 minute to do this visualisation and notice benefits.

Nudge Benefits

Visualising a relaxing place helps to stimulate the relaxation response which involves the parasympathetic nervous system.

It can help to reduce tension and relax your muscles, calm your mind, improve your mood and immune system.

Boosts mood
Seek the advice from a health professional

If you have any specific health condition, seek advice before performing the nudges.

Nudges must be comfortable.

Always perform nudges comfortably. Move slowly and gently, within a range which is totally pain free.

Add personalised nudges for specific health conditions.

If you have a specific health condition, you can seek advice from a health professional to add specific nudges for you.