Remote Enterprise Installation

Little Nudge Enterprise

Installing the Little Nudge Enterprise application allows you to take advantage of your enterprise license and ‘Shared Nudges’ folder, containing the company-wide nudges published from your authoring tool.

Please note that .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher should be installed on all the PCs using Little Nudge. 
Further information about installing .NET framework. 

Create a folder called ‘Little Nudge’ on a network drive.

For example, ‘E:\Shared Resources\Little Nudge’.

It is essential that your shared folder is a location that can be accessed (with sufficient read-write privileges) by the end-users of the Little Nudge application. Typically, this folder will need to be created by an administrator prior to the installation of the application.

Now create a sub-folder in this shared folder, called simply ‘Nudges’. This will contain the company-wide nudges that you create using the Authoring Tool.

For example, ‘E:\Shared Resources\Little Nudge\Nudges.

In order to ensure that all of the end-users of the Little Nudge are licensed and able to use the product without the trial restrictions, you must make the license file available in the shared folder.

To do this, paste your ‘license.lic’ license file into the shared folder.

It is essential that you do not rename the license file, or move / delete it from the main shared folder.

Be careful that you do not accidentally place it in the ‘Nudges’ sub-folder, or any other sub-folder. The license file must be placed in the main ‘Little Nudge’ shared folder.

Download the Enterprise Installer from the link provided after your purchase.

It is critical that you download and use the Enterprise installer, rather than the standard Free Trial installer available on the website.


To run the installer remotely, you can use any command-line tool to run msiexec.exe and pass (1) the path of the installer, (2) the path of the shared folder, as the parameter SHARED_DIR and (3) “true” or “false” string which means whether the application will send data to Amazon, as the parameter AMAZON_SEND.

For example, to run the enterprise installer which I’ve just downloaded to a temporary location on the same network drive (but in a different part) as my shared folder, and if I should enable sending data to Amazon, I would run the following command:

msiexec.exe /i "E:\Downloads\Installer.msi" SHARED_DIR="E:\Shared Resources\Little Nudge"AMAZON_SEND="true" /qb+


The /i in this command is used to run the installation in normal mode, as opposed to administrative mode. To run in administrative mode, simply replace /i with /a.

The  /qb+ means that we do not show main installation dialogs, but show only installation progress and finish dialog. Installation settings are taken from command line parameters.