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Little Nudge at Bupa UK

Bupa UK are committed to providing a healthy workplace for employees and identified Little Nudge as an important partner for the health of their office-based staff.

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Encourage Healthy Habits

Little Nudge helps you develop habits that support your physical and mental well-being.

Targeted Goals

Little Nudge lets you choose or create your own goals to pursue, based on your lifestyle and health.

Aid Recovery

Little Nudge keeps you on track to a full recovery, with injury-specific nudges.

Proven Success

Using Little Nudge has been proven to reduce back pain and headaches in the workplace.

What is Little Nudge

Little Nudge is an application that runs on your computer and provides reminders to you on a regular basis. These can be for your own health goals, company wide messages or personal reminders.

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Purchasing Little Nudge

If you would like to purchase Little Nudge, please complete this form and let us know how many licenses you need.

In the meantime, you can download a free trial.

People just like you are already loving Little Nudge

  • Little Nudge has helped me to take a short pause, often a little stretch, take a breath and be aware of my current (potential stress) level.

  • Little Nudge has helped me with feeling comfortable to do more stretching at my desk – creating a culture where there’s nothing wrong with doing this.

  • It is a good way to stop falling into bad habits.

  • It is a helpful prompt to make sure we are able to work as best we can.

  • Since using the Jawbone Up band I’ve realized how sedentary office jobs can be. Little Nudge is great as a reminder to get you up and moving – I also use it to prompt me to go and speak to people (as opposed to just using e-mail as a form of communication) – which is great for team building and networking.

  • Not very intrusive and can be treated as a friendly, helpful whisper you can choose to use or ignore as needed.

  • Little things make a difference and that’s what Little Nudge does. A couple more steps and a couple more glasses of water takes us ever closer to living healthier.






*Figures from a 3 month observational pilot of Little Nudge

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An Occupational Therapist Vocational Rehab Specialist and MSc Student at Sheffield Hallam University has undertaken a project to evaluate the effectiveness of Little Nudge. This is due to be published.

If you are a researcher and you would like to use Little Nudge, please contact us. In most circumstances, we will be able to provide Little Nudge for research purposes for free.